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    Default Ceon Back In Stock Notifications 3.0.0


    It gives me great pleasure to release a new version of Ceon Back In Stock Notifications!

    This is an essential upgrade as it features several bugfixes.

    About the module

    The Back In Stock Notifications is an essential module, which lets customers subscribe to a notification list for a product that has gone out of stock.

    The subscription process is completely automated. Customers don't have to have an account to subscribe themselves, but if they do, the subscription is automatically associated with their account.

    Once a product is back in stock, an e-mail can be sent to all those subscribed to the notification list for that product, using the convenient admin utility.

    You can read a list of the features here.

    What's changed in version 3.0.0

    From the Revision History for the software...

    [ADDED] The names of the products now link directly to the product's page in the Back In Stock Notification subscriptions section of the customer account area.

    [ADDED] Added an option to have the product's model appended to its name in the Back In Stock Notifications section of the customer's account area. Just uncomment the HTML in the template part and/or adjust the template part as desired.

    [ADDED] A column listing the category has been added to the products with subscriptions listing in the admin utility. Thanks for the code goes to Tony Niemann .

    [ADDED] A column listing the category has been added to the subscriptions listing in the admin utility.

    [ADDED] Added an option to view all the products/subscriptions in the listings in the admin utility, instead of having to browse by page. Thanks for the code goes to Tony Niemann.

    [ADDED] Spanish translation added for admin and catalog files. Thanks for the translation goes to torvista, Ana Bobes!

    [UPDATED] The products/subscriptions listings in the admin utility can now be sorted by column, by clicking on the column headings. Based on code by Tony Niemann.

    [UPDATED] The links to the products in the notification e-mails now open the link in a new window.

    [UPDATED] The unsubscription form in My Account didn't work if the submit button had no name, as this meant that the expected submission signal variable wasn't being passed in the form. A hidden variable is now always passed to avoid the possibility of this occurring.

    [UPDATED] The code to build the links on product listing pages to and out of stock product's subscription form has been updated to remove the sorting parameters found on the listings pages. This should hopefully result in better compatibility with SEO software that builds the links incorrectly.

    [UPDATED] The number of subscriptions per page displayed in the admin utility now uses the value of the Zen Cart admin ‘Maximum Display of Products on Reports” setting instead of the store-side “Search Results Per Page” setting. Thanks for the suggestion goes to Tony Niemann.

    [UPDATED] The styling of the tables in the admin utility improved to make the listings clearer.

    [BUGFIX] The check on the product listings pages, to determine if a logged-in customer was already subscribed to the Back In Stock Notification list for a product, didn't work because of a code logic error. (Thanks to ArtO on the forum for the heads up).

    [BUGFIX] The code to load in the text version of any Back In Stock Notifications e-mails was only ever loading in the standard language's e-mail template. Now each language the store uses can have its own specific e-mail template. If a text e-mail template doesn't exist for a language, the standard language's e-mail template will be used instead.

    [BUGFIX] Fixed a problem with the submission of the notification utility form redirecting the user to the admin login page. The admin notification utility's form wasn't passing the session ID, which could cause problems on certain server/store configurations (specifically those that didn't save the session ID in a cookie, as happens with some that run PHP as a CGI).

    [BUGFIX] The greeting in the subscription e-mails is no longer hard-coded. Instead, a new language define has been added to the language file(s).

    [BUGFIX] The text preceding a link in the text version of notification e-mails is no longer hard-coded. Instead, a new language define has been added to the admin language file(s).

    [BUGFIX] The function to build a link to a product's admin page (by RubikIntegration team) didn't work properly, breaking whenever quotes or other special characters were in a product's name.

    [ADDED] Sample modified core file and sample modified template files for Zen Cart 1.3.9h added.

    [UPDATED] Documentation updated with instructions on how to create a version of the e-mail templates for every language the store uses. This is an essential part of the installation process for the module, other languages can't send HTML versions of the e-mails without it!

    [UPDATED] Documentation updated so that the dynamic functionality works when the documentation is being accessed from a local disk using Google Chrome.

    It has been submitted to the Zen Cart downloads area and should be available there soon.

    Upgrading shouldn't take too long, comprehensive instructions are included in the documentation.


    All the best...

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