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    Default Lite Red Template help needed


    I appreciate your site; thanks a lot. I've just spent several hours skinning out one of the themes to meet my needs, and I'm running up against a roadblock... where is the text:

    Welcome, please enjoy our online showcase.
    This is the Lite Red template by

    This site exists to help you to find the free Zen Cart template that will best suit your site.

    Please feel free to browse the Zen Cart installed here. Look at how the products are listed, create accounts and even "buy" the products. You won't be charged, but please don't use real credit card details anyway, as we don't have SSL enabled on this site.

    You can switch between templates at any time by clicking on the relevant link in the template switcher box (usually to your right, but occasionally to your left!) Don't worry you won't affect anybody else using the the site. If you see one you'd like, look for the download link immediately below the template switcher (except for the Classic template, which comes with most Zen Cart installations by default). Clicking on that will take you straight to the relevant download page on the Zen Cart support site.

    Please note that it is our policy to install templates according to the instructions provided. When we see bugs, we will try to notify the template's author, but we don't fix them. What you see on this site is as close as we can make it to what you would get if you installed each template on the latest version of Zen Cart.

    Finally, Zen Cart is freely available and so are the templates featured on this site. If you want to show your appreciation and support future development of this great e-commerce package, the best way is by making a donation to Zen Cart.

    ...coming from? It's not in define_main_page. A file-content search for bits of that text isn't turning anything up. I'm missing something... Help! TIA, Fred
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    Default Re: Lite Red Template help needed

    This looks like you've cut and pasted the text from our template demo site and are trying to find it in the template that you've downloaded.

    You won't find it there though, as it's part of our site and not the template. But why would you want to find it anyway?
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    Default Re: Lite Red Template help needed

    Never mind; the content was in the languages folder under the template. I just had to use a better text-in-file tool.



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