I just started on a new order total module and I have the module and the language file ready just to show up - there's no coding associated with it. I was sure that I had the basic stuff in place.

But after uploading the two files to the appropriate directories - it does not show in admin.

I know that it should just show up. What in the world have I missed?

I used the cod file as a guideline and only removed the coding that was specific to cod leaving this:

    function process() {

      if ($this->enabled == 'true') {
	  //here's where the coding goes

and of course changing the ot_cod_fee to my preferred class/name throughout the file.

Looks to me like the only thing needed to show up in admin is these first lines:
 class ot_cod_fee {
    var $title, $output;

    function ot_cod_fee() {
      $this->code = 'ot_cod_fee';
      $this->title = MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_COD_TITLE;
      $this->description = MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_COD_DESCRIPTION;
      $this->enabled = ((MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_COD_STATUS == 'true') ? true : false);
      $this->sort_order = MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_COD_SORT_ORDER;

      $this->output = array();
Have I missed something?