Welcome to the new support thread for Ceon URI Mapping. At the time of writing, the latest version is v4.0.3.

The latest version of Ceon URI Mapping is always available for
download here.

v4.0.3 should be available in the downloads area soon.

About the module

Use Static URIs to make web addresses Easier to Remember and Easier to Enter.
Improve the store's Rankings in Search Engines!

The Ceon URI Mapping module is a very handy module that no Zen Cart site should be without!

Unlike other SEO modules, where the URIs are generated automatically when a customer visits a page, this module allows specific URIs to be entered within the admin, or even for auto-generation to be used to create a static URI for an individual category/product/manufacturer/EZ-Page/Zen Cart page.

We believe this to be a much better solution as the store is in control of its URIs.

It lets the store specify static, human-readable, keyword-based URIs to be used instead of the dynamic, ID-based URIs which Zen Cart uses as standard.
For example, for a product, instead of dynamic URIs like this:

A static address - easy to read, easy to type in and full of keywords - could be specified for the product:

It's simple to promote sections of the site on advertising literature.

For example, the following static URI could be mapped to the specials page:

Ceon URI Mapping is packed full of features, which include:

  • Full Multi-Language Support
  • Canonical URI Support
  • Historical URI Redirection (Never have a broken link again!)
  • URI Auto-Generation
  • Transliteration Support
  • 100% Compatibility with Zen Cart
  • As well as many more!

Give potential customers easy to enter/remember URIs and improve the site's rankings in search engines!