I know the comments you really want to receive are from existing ZC developers, but we thought it would be interesting (and worth while) to ask a newbie looking to setup online, their thoughts - after all they are target audience right.

So, we uploaded the latest beta version onto their account, gave them a URL and told them to give it a go (write down any comments)

Setup1: Hello. Thank you for loading Zen Cart™

- The initial Zen Cart logo (/includes/templates/template_default/images/logo.gif) is different to the logo on the www.Zen-Cart.com website (should it be? I am using the right software?)

- First page install
-- The header image is again different (/zc_install/includes/templates/template_default/images/zen_header_bg.jpg)
-- Tab: License - when I clicking confirmation there was a long load delay before moving to next step?
-- Tab: Prerequisites - is given a page name of "System Inspection" (assuming this is just a mistake?)
-- Tab: Database Setup - all understood
-- Tab: System Setup - all understood
-- Tab: Store Setup - the "Store Zone" list seem to go from A-Z,A-Z,A-Z. It took me a while to work out what was listed and I later found out that that only zone for Australia, Austria, Canda, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and USA were there (why just those, as my country was in the drop down above?);
-- Tab: Admin Setup - all understood
-- Tab: Finished - The "NEXT STEPS" page outlined the first main tasks for me as a new user to conduct. It would of been useful to outline that I would need to FTP into my account to achieve these (Until now ZenCart had been installed automatically from the hosting control panel)


- As there is no demo available on the zen-cart.com website, this was my very first time seeing the store front of Zen Cart
-- Template (not very appealing at all)
--- change of logo/header and sales message were only achievable via ftp and not via admin?
-- Welcome message "Congratulations! You have successfully installed your Zen Cart™ E-Commerce Solution." - Again only achievable to change this via FTP and would of been much better to place this within the "define_main_page.php" page which I could change via the admin
-- Again lots of old zen-cart brand Logos used across the new install website (Left/Centre/Right) column, which is right those or the zen-cart.com logo?

..No further comments on homepage as site not setup yet


- An initial /admin/ page shows a red warning screen, outlining that the folder needs to be changed. This message has a link "Help for renaming the admin folder can be found here" -> http://tutorials.zen-cart.com/index.php?article=33 which outlines that I need to FTP into the account again and change a "Configuration.php" file (Do I?)
-- Note: Was told if I change my /admin/ folder name that I wouldn't need to do that (great, I wouldnt want to go into .php files!!)
- Change of password is explained well

- Initial impressions (having seen no demo)......better buy that book (is it ready for 1.5?)
- Different zen-cart brand Logos used in Admin
- Change of Admin Logo (again via FTP not via admin)
- Need to find modules to support non listed Country Zone (e.g. UK/Ireland/France/Poland/etc etc)
- Editor seems to be "Text only" -- really? wow!

...currently looking at the modules list, not sure which I can install as have been told some work, some don't.

============================ END

Note: zc-v1.5.0BETA-08242011 is passing PCI with Security Metrics. Havent checked with other PCI providers just yet.