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    Default Pure Black Template, H1 Tag

    Hello, I had some SEO work done and the guy told me I have no H1 heading. I looked around and I found that it probably has something to do with my template.

    I have the Pure Black Free Template. Can someone please explain to me how to add in a H1 heading?

    Most customers that can find my store make purchases. I can only hope it'll stay the same when customers can really find my store.

    the website is

    if you need the header file, please let me know how to look for it!


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    Default Re: Pure Black Template, H1 Tag

    I found a H1 tag looking at View Source and doing edit/find for <h1

    Here's result about line 197 on IE in View Source:

    <h1 id="productName" class="productGeneral">Military Web Belt, Black</h1>

    It's the name of your product.

    sph (just building)

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    Default Re: Pure Black Template, H1 Tag

    Your SEO "expert" clearly does not know zencart. He/She is probably just looking at the home page - where you could include a H1 tag in your define page text (define_main_page.php in the tools >>> define pages editor).

    As far as I am aware, the Pure Black template will indeed generate H1 tags for the important assembled pages (product info, ez-pages, etc).

    Remember... you only want ONE H1 tag on a generated page.
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