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    Default Problem With cURL on XAMPP and Windows 7

    Hi Everyone

    After many frustrating weeks and several attempts at installing Zen Cart on a computer running windows 7, yesterday I installed XAMPP (1.7.4) and Zen Cart (1.3.9h) on a clean (nothing else on it) computer running XP with service pack 3.
    The installation went well with no problems until I encountered the "Enabling cURL support in PHP" instructions. I tried to edit the file <xampp-home>/apache/bin/php.ini but the php file was missing completely.

    I did manage to import the php file from another computer (the one running windows 7) but after editing it, it had no effect.

    I continued with the install and everything else went well but what have I done wrong, and how can I fix it?

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    Default Re: Problem With cURL

    Since you won't run a live site on a localhost XAMPP server, you probably don't need CURL support. CURL is only needed for modules that access external services using CURL function calls. Those kinds of things include payment modules like PayPal, AIM, FirstData/Linkpoint, and addon shipping modules such as UPSXML. THere may be other addon modules that use it as well.
    But, in practice, you can't do much with those modules on a localhost server anyway, so you won't be missing much. Just plan to test those parts when you start putting your site on a live server.

    That said, if the techie in you really wants to figure out how to properly configure your local PHP setup to handle CURL, the XAMPP website is the place to ask, since they're the ones who decided on the way it gets installed on your computer, which folders they put stuff into, and so on. Best to ask them directly, as the question has nothing to do with Zen Cart in its purest sense.

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    Default Re: Problem With cURL on XAMPP and Windows 7

    Thanks for that and of course you are right and I really should have thought about it before asking.

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    Default Re: Problem With cURL on XAMPP and Windows 7

    I (just) remember when I first installed Zen Cart (locally) and had no idea about anything. I was stopped short by the curl error message and since I had only just installed xampp for the first time I had no idea if it was important or not.

    Having to stop the process and look in the forum is a very bad user experience.
    I think the install process should be very much aimed at complete newbies (who have only every installed a windows program) and maybe a concise note to the effect that the curl error is not a problem for the shop to function in a local test environment would be helpful at that point.
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