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    Default Re: Paypal Express Checkout - Shipping Address Issue

    Quote Originally Posted by Nick1973 View Post
    I can see the frustration of people in this thread, as I feel frustrated too that Paypal does not do this. But that's the way the Cookie Crumbles and I fully support what Dr Byte has said by saying 'ask paypal'. In other words, when calling Paypal about this issue, talk to the wall.
    Hi Nick,

    The work around solution (patch) available on github does work. However use with extreme caution as PayPal will not uphold the Sellers Protection if this patch is applied.

    I agree this is a really annoying issue and also agree that this is a PayPal issue.

    I can confirm that you would get a better reply talking to the wall as PayPal won't listen. The correct field is populated when transferred to PayPal but comes back as the customers validated address held with PayPal every time.

    Good luck and please post back if you discover anything new.


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    Default Re: Paypal Express Checkout - Shipping Address Issue

    Quote Originally Posted by Belangers View Post
    The developers at Zencart, or who write these haven't been losing thousands per month with this issue, we are.
    Open offer to anyone "losing thousands per month" - please contact me; I'll fix the issue you have for a flat rate of 10% of your estimated annual losses for the past 12 months. It's a win-win!!
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