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    Default Depreciated Errors

    Hello, All!
    I had no trouble installing Zen-Cart 1.3.9 Full File Set, but when I try to access the Admin page, I receive a Depreciated Error message for each instance of ereg, eregi, or anything to do with ereg. The environment I am working with is WAMP Server 2.1, PHP 5.3.5, MySQL 4.1.22 because Zen-Cart didn't like MySQL 5.5.8, and Apache 2.2.17. I understand part of the problem lies in the fact that PHP 5.3.5 has depreciated the ereg series of functions and replaced them with preg_match. Should I be using an earlier version of PHP, or has Zen-Cart released new versions of their PHP docs? I also have the same error with the magic_quotes, even after disabling it and commenting it out of the code. Suggestions, please? Zen-Cart came highly recommended to me and right now I am disappointed and frustrated.
    Thank you.
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    Default Re: Depreciated Errors

    You should not be getting depreciated errors from 1.3.9, it doesn't contain the ereg, eregi

    Have you added an add-on, and are you sure you are using 1.3.9 not 1.3.8?

    where does it say these functions are?
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    Default Re: Depreciated Errors

    Thank You, nigelt74, you were correct. I double checked my installation and yes it was 1.3.8. Now things work fine except for the magic_quotes_runtime depreciated error I still receive when entering the Store. I looked in the php.ini file and they are off.

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    Default Re: Depreciated Errors

    It's time to upgrade to the latest version instead of trying to run an outdated version on a server that doesn't support it.
    v1.3.8 is obsolete. Don't use it. Especially if you're just installing a new store.

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