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    Default USPS Flat Rate Shipping advice needed....

    It is easier and more economical to ship items from my store using USPS Flat Rate shipping. It also saves me from having to setup multiple shipping methods.

    The products I sell are different sizes but can fit in the flat rate boxes the post office provides. I have experimented several ways to set this up to be as best for me and the customer as possible. I don't want to get into configuring API's and setting up USPS server stuff etc. Just bill a flat rate and ship it!

    This is what I am thinking:

    • Set a base flat rate of $5.00 for ANY shipment.
    • If a product does not fit in the base rate box, I use the next size bigger box and add an additional amount (to the specific product) to compensate for the additional cost.

    Flat Rate Shipping Rates:
    Small $5
    Medium $12
    Large $18

    For example: product "A" fits into $5 box. It is billed by default shipping setting and I'm done. Item "B" is to big for $5 box so I configure product "B"(specifically) to automatically add $7 to the base shipping cost. 5+7=12, no problem.

    If I configure each product to to a specific flat rate shipping cost then I run into issues of shipping being too high.

    For Example: A customer purchases product B and C. Product "B" fits in flat rate box for $12. So does product "C". IF i have each product set up with their own shipping flat rates, then the customer would be charged $24. There just so happens to be a flat rate box for around $18 and product B and C would fit in that box. Looks like I am robbing them!!! Oh, you KNOW they check!!!!

    So..if you have things set up as in the first example with product A and B then my shipping rate would be $19 ( flat charge of $5 + additional added rate of $7 from product "B" + additional rate charge added from product "C").

    $19 is not dead on but it is MUCH closer to what the actual costs are.

    My question is Can a scenario like this be set up in Zen cart? If so, How? there a better way? if so, how? Remember, I'm only using USPS flat rate shipping.

    I actually had this scenario set up in Prestashop and it worked quite well. I don't know how to/or if it can be set up in Zen cart.

    Any help would be appreciated.
    Thank you
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