I have a test site with the latest Zen Cart Version V1.3.9h.
I am using the black_pure_free template. I have installed tabbed_products_pro_1-07 and Backup Zencart modules.

I then installed the Wishlist module and I cannot see the wishlist in the products page.

I followed these instructions;
Basic Installation Instructions

-----[ 1. Create tables ]----- Run 'wishlist.sql' in the Install SQL patches in the Zen Cart admin. Running the install file via the zen cart sql patches tool within zen-cart works fine without amendments and is preferred.

-----[ 2. Upload ]----- Rename the "admin" folder to the name of your admin folder.
Rename the "includes/templates/black_pure_free" folder to the name of your template. Upload the files found in the "includes" directory of this distribution to their corresponding location of your ZenCart implementation. The same for the files in the renamed admin folder

-----[ 3. Insert button on product page ]----- In the includes\templates\black_pure_free\templates you will find an example file which includes an example of how you could integrate a button on your products page. You need to amend your original tpl_product_info_display.php. Put the code wherever you would like the wish button to appear but be aware it need to be within the form cart_quantity to include attributes.

I can now see the Wish list Configuration options under the Configuration, Wish List menu. They are all at default settings.

Could you please help me get the wish list working on my products page.

Many thanks