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    Default Numinix Duplicate Handling Fees

    I'm working with numinix's "handling fees" mod, and have it working. woot!

    The next step is to clone it so that products have both an international handling fee and a domestic handling fee (basically, we have large boxes for certain items and thus they require an additional premium for shipping them above the basic shipping cost).

    I have it cloned, no problem. But what i'm unsure if is a) how to combine the shipping class modifications included for 2 (or 3) clones and b) how to allow items to have the multiple shipping premiums.

    Two methods i've come up with for handling problem B:

    1) Each clone uses the same group (largebox, xlargebox), but depending on the shipping method, largebox and xlargebox have different fees.

    2) Each clone gets its own groups, e.g. dom_largebox, dom_xlargebox and int_largebox, int_xlargebox. Then each group has its own fee, but how i have to figure out how to make the field products_group (originaly products_EHF) become an array that is read by the class.

    I think method 1 will be easier and /seems/ to be how this mod might work, but there is no documentation anywhere on how to work with clones. On the numinix forum (for which i'm awaiting , it is said you CAN CLONE to achieve these results, but beyond cloning the isolated module (which i have) there's no word on how to merge certain cloned aspects together (aka the shipping class).

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    Default Re: Numinix Duplicate Handling Fees

    well, i jumped the gun and answered my own question on combining the shipping class. that's done.

    but now i'm having problems elsewhere in admin and my clone is somehow causeing the creation of a .ds_store file that's f'ing everything up. yay. so, obviously my clone is incorrect. i'll be back if i can't figure it out.



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