My billmelater is working through paypal just fine, but, the customers address is not created or carried over back to zen after they are "approved" by billmelater’s instant approval. I am having customers call in saying "Hey, I was approved but I can’t get past your fedex shipping screen because no address is on record with your cart". At that point, I am walking them through on how to change their shipping address since the once sent back, and stored on zen, is blank.

My question is, how can I force the billmelater clients to create an address prior to submitting to paypals billmelater?

Any ideas appreciated.

btw - I’m on 1.3.8 and no, i don’t have any security bugs or paypal express issues since everything has been buttoned up over the years.


PS: the customers that are sharp enough to figure out that they need to modify, effectively creating an address, seem to do just fine and usually don’t call in, but, I know I am losing a decent amount of customers over this.