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    Default unique article numbers for attributes

    How to give unique article numbers for each article with attributes?


    Article: Bicycle "Fully"
    Color "black" size "S" article number 300021
    Color "black" size "M" article number 300022
    Color "black" size "L" article number 300023
    Color "black" size "XL" article number 300024
    Color "black" size "XXL" article number 300025

    Color "yellow" size "S" article number 500055
    Color "yellow" size "M" article number 500056
    Color "yellow" size "L" article number 500057
    Color "yellow" size "XL" article number 500058
    Color "yellow" size "XXL" article number 500059

    I've installed the extension "stock by attributes":
    But somehow, I can't see/find the option (input field) to enter the unique article number while adding/defining attribute(s) for this article.


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    Default Re: unique article numbers for attributes

    The current version of Zencart doesn't support model number by attribute and there's no stable mod I know of that will do that.

    One possible workaround is to include the model number in the option name.



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