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    Default What is the easiest way to print labels?

    I have recently upgraded to 1.3.8h and now my FedEx automated shipping labels does not work.
    I really like the mod but it appears that Numinix does not have a fix or new mod coming out anytime soon.
    With that said, what would be the easiest way to print my FedEx labels since now I am manually copy and pasting them over to, creating a shipment for each order.

    I am at 60 orders per day and this is causing a major backlog for me since I cannot type that fast and even if I could, I am swamped with other stuff.

    What is everyone else using to print their FedEx labels and what is the closest method to what I am used to? I have shiprush for my Amazon orders but nothing for my Zen Cart orders?

    Any help would be much appreciated and yes, I have to stay with FedEx due to my great discount and other perks.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: What is the easiest way to print labels?

    Doesn't shiprush incorporate fedex label printing?

    Since Shiprush is the developer of the software for zencart, I would think they're quite capable of downloading zencart orders.
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