Hi Chadd,

I seem to have an issue where EP4 is not showing up in the tools drop down menu after installation to two live sites.

The menu appears on the test site which is also located on the same server but in a different directory such as "/public_html/test_cart/"

I have triple checked that the uploaded files including the files from the zencart 1.3 extra files directory are uploaded correctly to their correct directories inside the admin folder.

I even did a side by side comparison of directories between the test cart and the live site just to make sure all the files are the same and to ensure that the files are where they are suppose to be. But still EP4 isn't shown under the tools menu.

I then went to another site I managed and tried installing EP4 on that site as well. But again EP4 isn't shown under the tools menu. There is no test site under this store so I could not test it under a test directory like the other site.

Now both of these sites basically run the same templates and the same mods. But I only have one test site and this test site doesn't have all the mods installed to it that the live sites do.

Is it possible that EP4 isn't compatible with a mod I have installed?

But even if there is a compatibility issue with one of the mods that doesn't explain why it won't show in the tools menu for?

So I'm just wondering if you have any thoughts as to why this might be happening for?

A couple of points of interest.

Firstly on the test site I previously had EP v1.2.5.4 installed prior to installing EP4. I didn't uninstall EP prior to installing EP4 so both EP and EP4 were shown under the tools menu.

Secondly I completely removed EP and EP4 from the test site and went back to an earlier database backup as well. I then installed just EP4 to the test site and it showed up under the tools menu.

So I am unsure what to try next and was wondering if you have any insight as to what might be causing EP4 not to show up on the tools menu of the live sites for?