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    Default How do I offer a discount?

    Happy New Year!!
    I am using safari browser to set up my zen cart. I have put the item and price up for each item but I want to offer a discount. For example>> 1 bottle of spray $6. I want to give an option to purchase 5 bottles for say $20 or 10 bottles for $15. How do I do this? Also, I cannot find the link to set up my return policy. Any assistance will be appeciated.

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    Default Re: How do I offer a discount?

    It's best to restrict your posts to one question only - it will be easier to help you that way.

    For return policy, go to admin->tools->define pages editor->define_shippinginfo.php.

    For discounting, try using admin->catalog->products price manager. It doesn't work exactly like you want (5 bottles for $20) but it does allow you to define quantity discounts on a per product basis.
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