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    I would like to add to the very top of my html email templates a new variable, which is actually called $SNIPPET. It will take the $EMAIL_MESSAGE_HTML and chop it down to 250 characters, so that it displays in the preview section of email clients. I have the $SNIPPET code that I'd like to use, but I'm at a loss as to where to put it in Zen Cart. Can somebody help me out and tell me where the actual $EMAIL_MESSAGE_HTML for the emails gets generated? I think if I put my code there, it should work. I've found quite a few different instances of it with the developers tool kit and am unsure.

    Also is there a way to put a link into the HTML newsletter that allows customers to "view in browser" if they can't see it properly in their client.

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    If you're talking about newsletters then the HTML MSG content is built in the admin includes modules newsletters code.

    No, there's no built in facility for "view in browser instead" because they're not stored on the server in HTML pages, let alone personalized versions. They're sent as separate personalized emails. You would need to write custom code for storing them all in a database yourself and create personal links and handle the security etc etc etc.

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