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    Default Periship module from Numinix - Problem with recipient info


    I installed the Periship module from Numinix (]) on my ZC 1.3.9d website and my 1.3.9h website. Unfortunately, it appears as though the code of the module is somewhat incomplete... namely, the Recipient State and Zip Code are hard-coded into the module. What Zen Cart code can be used in place of those constants, i.e., the order's ship-to State and Zip Code?

    This is the portion of the code in question:

      function calculation($saturday = 'Y') {
        global $order, $db, $shipping_weight, $httpClient;
        $order_total = $_SESSION['cart']->show_total();
        $request = "<PeriShipRateRequest>
                       <ShipperID>" . $this->account . "</ShipperID>
                       <ShipperPassword>" . $this->password . "</ShipperPassword>
                       <ShipperZIPCode>" . $this->zip . "</ShipperZIPCode>
                       <Weight>" . $shipping_weight . "</Weight>
        if ($this->signature != 'none') {
          $request .= "<SignatureType>N</SignatureType>";
    (FYI, I changed the state to La and the Zip to 70065... it was originally a CT state and zip. I also changed "Recipient Type" from "C" to "R" (Commercial to Residential).

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    Default Re: Periship module from Numinix - Problem with recipient info

    You need to contact the author. While the module may be free it is not hosted or supported here.
    Please do not PM for support issues: a private solution doesn't benefit the community.

    Be careful with unsolicited advice via email or PM - Make sure the person you are talking to is a reliable source.



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