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    Default Seperate Attributes Possibly

    Hello. I am designing a new store. It will only carry one product. Zen-cart is going to be used. My goal is for the advertisement for this product to be on the main page. Customer clicks a link that brings it to the products page. On the products page I am going to setup a collapsible spry with four steps. What I am stuck on is each step will be an attribute. Example:
    Step 1 Select a Shape. (will have a radio button with image) **click continue and step 2 opens step 1 collapses.
    Step 2 Select a background image (will have another radio button)**click continue and step 3 opens step 2 collapses.
    Step 3 select font same as previous
    Step 4 Input text field. and then add to cart button to appear.

    I am only stuck on being able to separate the attributes. Any ideas? Is this even possible. I am thinking a custom code is possible since this is only for one product and is the only product selling. No matter what attribute is selected the price will not change.

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    Default Re: Seperate Attributes Possibly

    The short answer is that Zen Cart doesn't have dependent attributes.
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