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    help question Address Line 2, non-primary address

    I have the

    Configuration > Customer Details > Address Line 2 = false

    but if someone continues through the registration process and
    enters an alternate address for their delivery address, they
    somehow get access to that second address line, which means
    having to touch each address in phpmyadmin to move it all around.

    I'm pretty good on editing the php to get rid of form code, but I just
    need to know where to look to find it and get rid of it. there
    another admin switch hiding somewhere else that shuts it off?
    Or...has it been resolved in v139x?


    Dr Doug

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    Default Re: Address Line 2, non-primary address

    I'm a little unclear on why you want to turn the address line 2 off in the first place, but you would need to edit:




    to remove the 'suburb' parts.

    I don't know of any admin switch for those.



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