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    Default Remove login when viewing invoice on email to the customer

    My Client wants to have that when the customer receives an email regarding the status or update of his product, he doesn't want that when the link "detailed invoice" was clicked, it'll direct the user to login.

    Is there a way that when the user click the "detailed invoice link", it will immediately direct the user to the invoice page?

    Thanks for the replies, hope you can help me in this burden.

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    Default Re: Remove login when viewing invoice on email to the customer

    If I understand the question, the detailed invoice is contained inside the specific customer's My Account area, which the customer has to be logged in (for obvious reasons) to access.

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    Default Re: Remove login when viewing invoice on email to the customer

    The COWOA add-on contains an order_status page, where the customer can enter the order number and their email address to view a version of their invoice without logging in.



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