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    Default When Upgr to 150 - Forgot to export save and upload again the databas

    I skipped several of the steps when I whent from 139h to 150.
    I seem to somethign wrong for each upgrade/install of each new version of ZenCart. Its all due to me not reading - and not entirely understanding the "tutorial" from ZenCart.

    When I upgraded/installed new 150 from 139h I followed all steps except exporting/saving to my local computer the database from myPHPadmin or whats its called (temporary forgot the name). And I never made a NEW database.

    So I found two problems currently at hand on my wesite.

    1 - I didnt save my database locally. But I whent on and installed via ZC_install/FTP/browser and it all looks good and my admin page says I am currently using version 150.

    But non of my products and customers is there. I guess thats due to me installing 150 without saving 139h locally first.

    I never made a NEW database, I installed/upgraded right on on the live shop. I took a chance and it failed. I can live with that.

    Whith this at hand, is there anyway whatsoever possible to after this misstake somehow get the products listed again? To see them there or are they for all eternity gone?

    2- Language pack, non-english. I get "?" signs and all looking goofy in non english language. English looks like it should.

    I am told to save all language packs as UTF8. I have tried that but using notepad++, latest version, I dont seem to know if my php files have been saved as UTF8 or not. Nothing in the file inform me of it and dont find anywhere to look or see it when saving the file.

    Its greeat info in the text files when moving to a new version, but I always make some misstake, which is the one explained. I should have learned. But when the misstake is done, its a learning opportunity to fully understand what I did and what I cant do. If I can rescue and how.

    Thanks in advance as always,

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    Default Re: When Upgr to 150 - Forgot to export save and upload again the databas

    Hi again,

    Another question, due to the workflow above, what happens with a database that did have categories etcetera, and you first fail to install again a database, after ZC_install from 139h to 150 in this case, and you start making new categories, ut not uploding any products.

    Will the previous databse then totally automatically loose all previous categories?

    Have Zc_Install already made you lost it or is it the adding of new categories with the new zc_install of 150 that made any rescue of the possibility of the previous database 139h being lost?

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    Default Re: When Upgr to 150 - Forgot to export save and upload again the databas

    You overwrote the database when you did the new installation. Ask your host if they have a recent backuop. A good host will.



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