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    Default PayPal payment problem - UK


    Hope someone can help me with an urgent problem.

    Recently upgraded to version 1.3.9h and I am using Paypal as my only payment solution. I have paypal website payments pro and express checkout.

    I have paypal setup so that I dont take the payment immediately at the time of order in case I dont have the items in stock - I then have the option to 'capture' the funds in the paypal account when I am ready to ship.

    The problems I have are as follows:

    Loads of payments in my paypal account which say they are ready to be captured - BUT NO CORRESPONDING ORDER in my Zen Cart so I dont know what they ordered! Also all these payments in the paypal account are missing the carriage charge.... I have also had loads of people ringing up saying that paypal keeps redirecting them back to the second stage of my cart saying that they need to correct the address.....

    I did think this was a Zen Cart problem so I upgraded from 1.3.8 to 1.3.9h - PAYPAL say its a fault with Zen Cart but I have read enough to see thats no the case!

    So can somebody please please help me sort this out -

    I am getting some people placing orders that come through OK but against all of them the reference in Zen Cart says 'paypalhss flat'.... previously was getting payments with the references 'paypal flat' or 'paypal free'.....

    My shop is at



    My website is -
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