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    Default MySQL problems - moving db files from crashed server to another

    My server got crashed so I took my files and I need to transfer my site to a new cpanel server. I got no back ups so this is more complicated...I only have my files so I extract all the php files and the var/lib/mysql/zenc DB files I set the correct permissions but the DB get always errors...

    Any idea how would this be solved?
    Thanks in advance
    Note that DB user/pass are seted up correctlly.

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    Default Re: MySQL problem

    What is the exact error message you're getting?
    The best way to learn is to try stuff. But, back it up first.

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    Default Re: MySQL problem

    Every time that I try to install it I get a different error. I setedup the permisions after I uploaded the DB files I configured everything and now what I get is that.

    1017 Can't find file: './domegr_zenc316/zen_configuration.frm' (errno: 13)
    [select configuration_key as cfgkey, configuration_value as cfgvalue from zen_configuration]



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