Hello, I am new to Zen Cart. I followed the instructions for transferring my site to another host.

www.emmettshaircare.com is the old site

www.emmettsthestudio.com is the new site

If you click on the Brands link on both sites, you will see that the images are completely different. When I inspect the images, I find that they are not pulling different versions of the same file, but the links are pointing to completely different places.


Shampoo link

On new site : <img src="bmz_cache/5/58958524aa31a73c92fb348e30fd71d6.image.159x200.jpg" alt="SHAMPOO" title=" SHAMPOO " width="159" height="200">

On new site: <img src="images/SHAMPOO with frameB.jpg" alt="SHAMPOO" title=" SHAMPOO " width="200" height="200">

So what would account for this discrepancy? What file is different between the two sites?

Also I can't log on to the admin area of the new site.

Thanks for your help!