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    Default Shipping Page Not Skipped for Downloaded Products

    I'm having a problem wherein my product does not show up in the shopping cart as a downloadable product in some cases. When it's a Free Download with no other attributes it will.

    When I create other products with four other 4 attributes (Body Style, Hair Style, Comments, Web Hosting Option) the Download File attribute is not listed. It used to work and the shipping module would be skipped. Now, when implementing these multiple attributes on all of the products I sell, the shipping module shows up every time when they attempt to checkout and it wants to charge the customer. This has to be confusing for a customer to have to be asked what address to ship a download to. Does anybody know why it's not kicking in correctly? I've carefully followed the correct procedure for adding a downloadable product to the store. I've studied this implementation procedure far more carefully than any other aspect of Zen Cart. I've studied posts, the purchased user manual (page 211), web posts, and even Youtube tutorials. I just don't see why it's not working or what I may have done incorrectly. This is a lower order showstopper but the workarounds for an unsolved problem aren't pretty or easy.

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    Default Re: Shipping Page Not Skipped for Downloaded Products

    Perhaps somebody can give me a clue to sort this whole issue out.

    I actually have six attributes for this product:

    1. Choose Name (required text field)
    2. Your Comments (not required text area)
    3. Downloadable File Purchase Options (selection required dropdown with 2 choices)
    4. Choose Hair Style (selection required dropdown with 48 choices)
    5. Choose Body Style (selection required dropdown with 62 choices)
    6. Upload Photo (specify uploaded file)

    In order to skip shipping module, show up in the cart and be fully specified as a downloadable product do I have to specify the downloaded file for combined choices (totaling 112) in attributes 3, 4, and 5? I currently only specify this file for the two choices in attribute 3. Admittedly, I'm not fully up to speed on the logic sequences within Zen Cart.

    Even after this aspect gets sorted out there still remain the inability to actually download
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    Default Re: Shipping Page Not Skipped for Downloaded Products

    I answered my own question. EACH and EVERY attribute (112 of them) must have a download file associated with them. Otherwise, the shipping module kicks in. That means I've got some substantial updates but I'll be happier as I begin to know what I'm doing.



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