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    Default Blank Sidebox for 1.5

    Hey Zenners

    I'm not a developer, nor a programmer, I am merely a mortal ... and since I did not find a BLANK SIDEBOX release for Zen Cart v 1.5, I decided to try the one for version 1.3.7 aaaand....IT WORKED!!

    So this is just to let you know that in case some people are still wondering. Blank Box 2.0 installed in my Zen Cart 1.5 store worked for me, I hope it does for you too.

    Here is the the add-on I'm talking about by author: Kuroi

    Thanks kuroi!!

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    Default Re: Blank Sidebox for 1.5

    Yes... a large number of add-ons are likely to work with 1.5, without the need for modification.

    Add-ons that involve database patches - (particulary where the patch is designed to add controls to the admin panel) - are more likely to not be compatible.

    There is a thread on the forum where add-on authors are letting us all know if their contributions are 1.5 compatible.



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