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    Default Odd problem with configure.php when trying to upgrade

    I've uploaded all the files to my ftp site, and changed includes/configure.php permissions to 644. I goto my website/zc_install, click continue, select I have read and agree, click continue, and it tells me "store configure.php is not writeable"

    I check the file permissions, and they are changed back to 444. I change them back to 644, and click "Re-Check" at the bottom of the page, and the file permissions instantly change back to 444. I've tried changing them to 666, and 777, but the second I click recheck, the permissions get changed back to 444.

    I called my webhost, and they said something in the upgrade script is changing the permissions. Of course they're point the finger the other way.

    Also, I've deleted the entire zc_install directory and reuploaded hoping something went wrong during the ftp upload, but that didn't work.

    Anybody encounter this before?

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    Default Re: Odd problem with configure.php when trying to upgrade

    Some servers (usually Windows) don't allow you to change permissions using FTP. Try the File Manager in your hosting control panel.

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    Default Re: Odd problem with configure.php when trying to upgrade

    Thank you for the reply.

    My webhost uses linux and apache. The back end is cpanel. I tried using the cpanel file manager, but the permissions still change.

    This is weird. I was going to build a virtual xp WAMP setup and try to upgrade it that way.

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    Default Re: Odd problem with configure.php when trying to upgrade

    If you're doing an UPGRADE, then it doesn't matter that your configure.php files are not writable.

    If you're doing a fresh install, then setting the configure.php files to writable will allow zc_install to set the correct contents.
    HOWEVER, the storefront will attempt to make the files read-only if you access the storefront at any time. So, if you're going to instead of properly going to in order to do your install, then you're causing yourself the problems you mention.

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    Default Re: Odd problem with configure.php when trying to upgrade

    Good to know. Thanks doc!



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