Hi All,

I have a new install of Zen. v1.5.0. Most of my products have free shipping included in the price. Only one product requires a shipping charge which is $20. I also need to charge Tax for NY State and I can only ship to 44 US states. So, here is what I have so far...

Zone Definitions
Zone Name: NY
Inside Details button
Country: United States
Zone: New York

Zone Name: US
Inside Details button
Country: United States
Zone: 43 US states we can ship to

Tax Class

Tax Rates
Tax Class: Tax
Zone: NY
Tax Rate: 8.8750%
Priority: 1

Tax Class: Tax
Zone: US
Tax Rate: 0.00%
Priority: 2

So, what shipping choices do I have to make this work because I've tried the Zones Flat Rate for Multiple Zones but it's looking for Country codes not my Zone Names which are defined, does this exist somewhere? Would be easier. I only have one Country. So confused and just need a simple solution.

Thank you,