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    Default Should I step back?

    I have recently installed 1.5, customized its appearance, and loaded about 10 inventory items for testing. All went OK.

    I tried adding the MSRP mod, and it will not work in 1.5. It is reported to work in 1.3.9.

    I would also like to add the Stock by Attribute, which is reported to work fine in 1.3.9, but not in 1.5.

    These 2 modifications are important to the operation of my business.

    Would it pay to step backward and install 1.3.9 until these mods are tweaked for 1.5? What functionality would I give up by stepping back to the version that supports these mods, rather than going with the 1.5 most recent release?

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    139 is a stable and perfectly acceptable version of ZC to run until all of the mods that are important to you are updated to function with 150. You can also visit the support threads for the mods which are important to you and subscribe to them so that when an updated version is released, you'll know about it.

    To understand the differences between 139 and 150, download the 150 installation pack and read the whats_new file included in the docs folder.

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    Default Re: Should I step back?

    If you've already upgraded your LIVE store, then you're advised to NOT downgrade. The ONLY exception would be if you've not added any new products or customers nor made any new sales since upgrading ... and in THAT case you should do a COMPLETE restore from backup (database AND php files should all be wiped and entirely replaced from backups of each).

    You can't seamlessly downgrade a database that's been upgraded to 1.5.0 to make it be an older 1.3.x version. It was never intended to be downgradable.

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