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    Default Re: Updating Mod for 150 - Little Problem

    Quote Originally Posted by nigelt74 View Post
    Hi I have just checked the beta i attached a few posts back and the missing brace is there in the beta, i am guessing that perhaps you may have accidentally removed it, whilst getting rid of my commented out testing code
    This is my "cleaned" version, which hasn't yet been tested, but should be fine as only the extraneous comments have been removed's hard for me to imagine that I removed brackets whilst removing comments, especially given the color coding....but stranger things have happened and it certainly DOES seem to be the only logical explanation, as the beta code you provided last time around worked PERFECTLY.

    Thanks for doing this Nigel, I REALLY appreciate it!!

    I'll test this tonight and post back here with results.
    Go that extra mile, you never know what's at the end of the road

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    Default Re: Updating Mod for 150 - Little Problem

    Figured out what happened. I inadvertently swapped Nigel's repaired file with the original, and that's what the issue was.

    Started over from the beginning replacing the old files with Nigel's new set (which included the original updates I made to the original optional template file) and tested.

    Works beautifully. Corrected version sumbitted to downloads.

    Thanks again Nigel!
    Go that extra mile, you never know what's at the end of the road

    Empowerment Sanctuary


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