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    Default Installing on a fully functioning site.

    Hey guys!

    So a quick question:

    I have a fully functioning site, where people can look at pictures of things, if I install Zen Cart in say a folder called 'Store' will it replace my entire website?
    Or will it work like I expect, in which I add a button that links to /store/ and when people click the button from the main site it takes them to the Zen Cart? A good example are Simple Machines Forums, they are installed inside a folder and do not effect the actual site. Is Zen Cart like this?


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    Default Re: Installing on a fully functioning site.

    If you install Zen Cart in a subfolder, it will work as you expect. You should consider, though, whether it will be better in the long run to have to go off to a cart after looking at product pictures, or have the cart with all the other information in the root so it takes fewer clicks to get to purchasing. Zen Cart can handle all aspects of presenting your product information, and you will have to enter the info in Zen Cart even if you also enter it in HTML pages. Not to mention that ZC can handle a lot of additional information pages, so you usually don't need to create outside HTML pages for articles etc., and everything is automatically in one navigation system.

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    Default Re: Installing on a fully functioning site.

    Great, thanks for the info.

    Much appreciated.

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    Default Re: Installing on a fully functioning site.

    "Flat HTML" sites become extremely cumbersome and time-consuming to manage. Imagine if you have 20 HTML pages, where some of the data is repeated across all pages, but in different places and styles...

    Everytime you need to change that data, you may have to INDIVIDUALLY edit 20 pages.

    That can take a whole day...

    A CMS (Content Managed System) uses a database, where "common" information is stored in that database. When a "page" needs certain content, ir calls it in from the database, and "formats" the "page" automatically, based on style settings in your template.

    This means that you insert data only ONCE, and edit it ONCE.

    That takes a minute or two...

    It is better to use zencart as your WHOLE SITE, and to migrate the content over to the ZC system. Then you can throw your clunky old flat HTML pages away and move into the 21st century.
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