I am needing to get each <div> there to be vertical-align bottom ... but it's not working via CSS ...


.centerBoxContentsProducts {
    margin:25px 0 0 0;
Since those images are small in height ... I don't want to have to make each of those image files 200px high ... it would look funny LOL. So I really want to take away the min-height in the CSS. That min-height was to accommodate the chairs (see Office Chair category). Taking out the min-height doesn't help make the Monthly Specials bottom aligned.

So, suggestions?

Also, I have it set that the products are listed by model number in the product listing (again, see Office Chairs for examples).

However, I truly wish the Monthly Special category could be treated differently and have those products listed by their names and not by the model numbers. Can't have it both ways, eh?