Hi all. Sending out a Gift Voucher notice/newsletter via the store to my subscribers, and due to my crappy shared server, (which was being very slow at the time) kept getting INTERNAL SERVER ERROR pages. thinking that the voucher notification hadn't sent, i kept hitting refresh and kept getting error pages. Must have done it a dozen or more times. then checked my email and realised that to my horror it had been working, just my shared server wasn't letting me see the success page.

Due to the shared server thing, I'm only allowed to send 500 emails in an hour, so the other several thousand generated by my hitting refresh over and over are apparently being stored elsewhere for later delivery - my question is, where does Zen Cart store those emails so that I can cancel them rather than annoy the further hell out of my customers with another load of multiple repeated newsletters? Is there an email outbox, so to speak, within the Zen Cart folders or would it be in the database? Or would Zen cart use my website's own email outbox rather than the ZC one, as the store emails are from my website email addresses ?

Am in the process of upgrading to 1.5 but still have 1.39h live, if that would make any difference.