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    Default Remove option for shipping address?

    We use Paypal only as a means of payment. To protect ourselves and to abide by paypal policies, we only ship to the address provided by paypal. This causes problems because the customer may have already filled out a separate billing and shipping address within registration.

    My question then, is there a way to remove the shipping and/or billing address upon registration as well as the options to change those addresses? I'm afraid we're going to be having some unhappy customers by shipping to the address they don't want or we're going to end up on the wrong side of a paypal dispute because they claim they didn't get their merchandise.

    I realize this may seem to be a weird question, but it may actually make things easier for the customer if they don't have to enter it needlessly.


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    Default Re: Remove option for shipping address?

    You can turn off the various address fields in Admin - Configuration - Customer Details and set the required characters to 0 in Minimum Values. Might require a little trial and error.

    Setting the Admin - Configuration - Maximum Values - Address Book Entries to 1 will turn off the ability to specify another address in the checkout process or My Account.

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    Default Re: Remove option for shipping address?

    I have set addresses to 1 ( also tried 0 ) and yet in create account and checkout it still gives option for a shipping address.

    I am using vrs 1.5

    On a previous shop I did using vrs 1.39 setting the addresses to 1 worked a treat.
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