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My host says this...
We don't process the payment. The plugin/module you are using would contact PayPal to have PayPal process the payment. The information you gave above says that, for some reason, the plugin can't contact PayPal. Unless we have information about what specifically that plugin is trying to do, we can't help you. We did not develop that plugin. We are not it's programmers. We don't provide technical support for it. I recommend contacting the developer of the plugin to find out specifics about what is needed for it to work.

Several days ago I posted the details in your other thread. Simple: Ports 80 and 443 need to be open for outbound communication. Just so you know, port 80 is standard "http" and 443 is standard "https" ... so there's no good reason why your hosting company shouldn't be able to allow outbound communication without any special additional configuration. There's NOTHING particularly special about the Zen Cart or PayPal code being used.

Time to get a hosting company who has a clue.