I upgraded my 1.3.8 site to 1.5. I started with a fresh 1.5 install and moved everything over.

My customer just rang to tell me people are having trouble ordering and when I tried to sign up as a new user I received a message telling me there where no shipping options available. When I log into the admin system and look at modules/shipping I saw lots of messages like this:

ERROR: module not loaded due to missing language file: /home/plr/public_html/includes/languages/english/modules/shipping/flatCourierUK.php

The file flatCourierUK.php was in a folder with the template name inside shipping. As soon as I moved it out to shipping then it started working again.

flatCourierUK.php was a shipping method I created based on the standard flat.php I created as it was the easiest way I found to create multiple flat shipping fees. The customer chooses which flat shipping method they want based on where they are, so for example royal mail for parcels under 5Kg or courier to the shetland islands.

Is this a bug with zencart not handling my language override properly or is it me not creating the new shipping method correctly?