Images are attached as a visual to go along with what I'm explaining.

An item was listed at a price of $29.95

A Canadian customer purchased the item using paypal and USPS shipping was 5.05.

In customers > orders the order total shows as $38.71.

In order details (edit orders mod) tax is 0%, unit price is $29.95, total price is 33.12, sub total 29.95, shipping 5.05 and total 35.00

The invoice shows
Sub-Total: $33.12
United States Postal Service: $5.58
Total: $38.71

We have looked through various settings to see what might account for the extra $3.71.

I don't see anything in the payment, shipping or order total mods to do it. I checked the attributes and none of them have any dollar amount assigned to them. Tax is set only for VA at 5%

Anyone have any ideas?

This is the first time this has happened. An order to Germany two orders previous to this one didn't have this problem.

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