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    Default Getting an seo.cache error on localhost

    I just backup up my site files and database from my hosting company's server and installed them onto my MAMP htdocs server appropriately (I should note that there is template installed, with multiple plugins). I ran through the ZC setup and edited the configure.php file. I think correctly. I'm getting this error when trying to view my homepage:

    1146 Table 'test_taft.seo_cache' doesn't exist
    [DELETE FROM seo_cache WHERE cache_expires <= '2012-04-27 12:37:00']

    I should also note that my Admin is showing up (with the CSS file I customized for it) with no products showing. I'm thinking there is a database issue.

    Any help would be great.


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    Default Re: Getting an seo.cache error when trying to view the homepage. [Installed on MAMP]

    As far as I know, there is no table in zencart called "seo_cache", so either it is some peculiar module you have built/installed/inherited, or you are not working on a zencart database.

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    Default Re: Getting an seo.cache error when trying to view the homepage. [Installed on MAMP]

    Right. The database you're using doesn't contain the required tables to go with the PHP files you're running. So, you're obviously not using the same database as the live server is using. And/or you're using a different DB_PREFIX which makes it point to a different set of tables inside that database.

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