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    Default No option to pay without papal account.

    I have set up Paypal express checkout on my zencart following all instructions.
    Everything went smoothly and it appears to be installed.
    The problems starts here : when trying to pay, i have only two options:
    1. With paypal account
    2. Create paypal account

    I wanted to activate pay without paypal account so I followed a thread with instructions that say to go to my paypal, then under profile go to website payment options and enable it there. Actually when i went to there and there was not these options.

    I also noticed that there was no 'Instant payment notification' option either under profile . It is the third step while installing PP express checkout.

    I ensured that CURL was installed on host. And now I wonder if my store is actually communicating to my paypal.

    Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: No option to pay without papal account.

    Paypal restricts the option to not create account depending on which country you are in. Check with Paypal if your country is included in it.



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