I have upgraded from 1.3.9 to 1.5.0 using the fantastico upgrade option from my host. Now in my admin section I cannot do much of anything because there is no selections in the green bar where the configure, tools and such is supposed to be located - I have the bar where you find Admin Home, Account, log off and such is located and no other choices.

There is a message at the top that says WARNING: The Admin Activity Log table has records over 2 months old and should be archived to conserve space ... 01-25-2012 with a reset button
You can view and archive Admin Activity details via the Admin Access Management menu, if you have appropriate permissions.
when i click this it gives me this message:
Sorry, your security clearance does not allow you to access this resource.Please contact your site administrator if you believe this to be incorrect.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

How do I fix this problem?

I am using the Rustic template, on windows 7 operating system - I went to the help section for that template but see there is no entries since late 2011, and it says Deceased under the authors avatar which leads me to believe there will be no updates for 1.5.0. Is there anyone here that can help me fix my problem.

I have instructions that came with the upgrade on how to go back to the original but that seems like it would be counter-productive. I have screen shots of the original screen after login and the screen after I click to get the message above if this would help.

I have tried to edit the admin maintenance by clicking account and all I can do there is to change email information