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    help question How do I swap main product image with an attribute image?

    I am in the process of getting a cart up and going (1.5) and I have a base image for my products, however I was wanting the main image to be replaced by the attribute image - based on which attribute is selected.

    Can someone please advise which way is the best to go about it?

    I am after what this addon can do...
    Attribute image replaces main product image on sel (, but that addon is 4 years old now...
    Ajax Image Swapper seems to do it too... (, and this one is 2 years old.

    So surely this is something that is more widely used since then?? I was hoping to not need to go all through installing the mod if it is not what I am needing specially if it is not compatible with 1.5...

    Does Zen-Lightbox have the ability to replace the main product image on the product info page with the image from a selected attribute? or is there a more appropriate addon (or way to do it within already builtin that I am just not seeing?)

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks!

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    Default Re: How do you swap main product image with an attribute image

    My suggestion would be to install a test copy of Zencart in a subdirectory on your server and install one or both of those mods to see if they work with 1.5.0 and if they do what you want done. Just because a mod is two or four years old doesn't mean it won't work with the current Zencart version.

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    Default Re: How do you swap main product image with an attribute image

    Yeah thats what I was planning on doing, I have tried the 'Attribute Image Replaced Main Product Image On Sel' addon and it seems to do nothing... and I was going check Ajax, but searching around the forums, it seems this is a relatively highly sort after feature that a lot of people are having trouble getting working... So I was hoping someone who has this happening with version 1.50 might have been able to comment on how they managed to achieve this...

    Testing on a fresh ZenCart might show some more results as I have been trying to test various addons on an active site which could be having issues with other addons / modifications already on it...

    If anyone has any info on getting this happening that would be great as this is the one feature the friends I am making the cart for have specified needs to be there... Even if they have to pay for a 3rd party addon or manual PHP coder to achieve it... (I was just hoping it could be quickly and easily done with an addon...)



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