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    Idea or Suggestion Upgrading But Downgrading At The Same Time...

    Basically i have too many modules on my current 1.3.9 installation.

    I would like to 'clean' and 'Frankenstein' my Zen Cart and at the same time move to a dedicated server from an old host...

    I want to understand the process of copying JUST THE TEMPLATE files and directories to copy to a new 1.5.0 installation on the dedicated server...

    At that point i will copy over the customer and order tables from the old version and hopefully everything will look and function the same.

    So... Is it possible to do this? Install a clean 1.5.0 version on dedicated server, copy over the template files, copy over the database tables that i require (customers, order history).



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    Default Re: Upgrading But Downgrading At The Same Time...

    Yes, you can easily copy over the template files as long as you have faithfully used the override system. Be sure to compare and merge any template files whose originals changed in the new version.
    No, you should not try to copy just some of the database tables, as there are numerous interconnections between them and you would risk corrupting your data. If there are tables that are dedicated to a particular addon you don't want any more, you could probably delete those tables, but understand what you are doing and make full backups before touching anything.



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