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    help question Divide Customer Email List?

    The last time I tried to send out a newsletter, my host dumped about 1,000 emails all with the return error of "exceeding 400 emails in an hour". Is there a way to divide up my email list to send them in batches or maybe a way to "throttle" the flow of email sends? I currently have about 1,400 subscribers.

    Thanks! :)

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    Default Re: Divide Customer Email List?

    There's nothing built in to Zencart that will do that. You'll have to use one of the external email processors, like MailChimp or (I think) MailBeez.

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    Default Re: Divide Customer Email List?

    We've installed POMMO on a few clients' servers, and that handles throttling very nicely. MailBeez and Mailchimp are good options - free if you have limited use.



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