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    Default Looking for a good template source with good customer service!

    Looking for a very high end modern clean template for a zencart 1.5 install that I just started.
    I've fast discovered that most of these template sites basically don't have any customer service!
    They must be overseas, maybe in india or something but when I try to ask them questions, they don't answer right, or don't answer most of the questions or don't respond at all!
    Is very frustrating cause there is a template (Template 36352 - Ajour Elite ZenCart Template - just google that to see some of the sites) that I really want to use but it says either 1.3.8 or 1.3.9 only (depending on the site) And keep trying to find out if it will work on the newest version (1.5) but my question never gets answered or they just come back and say $400 to do that which seems ridiculous since the template is only about $140!
    - Anybody know of a good american run site that you can actually talk to people, maybe even a phone contact???!!!
    - Also, what happens if you do one of these templates, then you want to do a future zencart update, will you run into problems?
    - Any suggestions or tips?


    - oh also, does anybody know if the templates that say they are for 1.3.9 or 1.3.8, will they work with 1.5 with no problems or could there be issues?

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    Default Re: Looking for a good template source with good customer service!

    A v1.3.8 template might work on v1.3.9 (no guarantees), but most likely would not on v1.5.0 unless its coding is very clean and simple (commercial templates are rarely clean or simple under the hood). TM templates especially are likely to cause problems any time you want to make modifications to the standard template appearance or function, or upgrade to a new Zen Cart version. Because their code is so messy, outsiders can have difficulty reworking it.

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    Default Re: Looking for a good template source with good customer service!

    It's possible to customise (design and graphics) most of the FREE templates in the add-on section of this site. Such customizations can take as little as half an hour. You have a reliable template that looks very acceptable.

    Avoid MOST of the "commercial template sellers". They sell you a S E X Y look only, and many novices get seduced into buying these templates, only to experience BIG problems down the line.

    The template and site functionality are INTRICATELY INTERWOVEN... template is NOT just about "looks".

    With care, ANY of the free templates can be properly customised, and can be made to look even better than all of these rubbishy commercial offerings from places like TemplateMonster, Algozone, and all their resellers.
    We host with Terranetwork.



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