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    Default Help with Ask a Question plug-in

    Hi all

    I sent an email to swguy and he responded to ask my questions here.

    I wrote:
    On Tue, May 8, 2012 at 5:16 PM, Dave <> wrote:


    I saw looking at your “ask a question” plugin.
    I was wondering if you had done any testing with ver 1.5
    I am running zen cart 1.5 with “a-moden-zen” template
    I want to use it as “a make an offer” with my products
    Would this be hard to change the verbage?

    am very new to zen cart and programming, but ok at following install directions



    He wrote back:

    please ask questions like this on the Zen Cart forum. - Twittering as @thatsoftwareguy -

    So can anyone help?



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    Default Re: Help with Ask a Question plug-in

    I am a novice. When installing, instructions are to move includes/templates/template_default/templates/tpl_product_info_display.php to your own template directory. Can someone give me the exact path for my own directory? I seem to have a few template/custom locations. Thanks



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