my page allows downloads and it uses redirects. the redirect is created and was working fine until recently. the redirect link isn't working. my server says it is because the link is not pointing to the proper location. here is what they explain the problem is.

It seems that the path in your script is set to '/home/www/michaelhulak/download/wallpaper/2009_04_25_IMG_7615_ED.jpg' instead '../../download/wallpaper/2009_04_25_IMG_7615_ED.jpg'. That's why everytime when you are trying to load the link to the image you see this 403 error. You will need to set the path correctly in your script and this should resolve your problem.

I recently had a problem with the page not loading properly and I found the problem.
the configuration file pointed root as
I changed it to the following the fix the problem. Now the page loads, but the downloads don't.

how can i get the download redirects to work again?