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    Default Zone Shipping Calculation is off


    I have successfully changed all weight unit lbs to grams and then as I run a test order I found that the zone calculation came out to be $3.20 for a product weighting 150 grams

    but I have set my shipping cost as such (40:0.50,100:0.80,250:1.00,500:1.50,1000:2.55,2000:3.35) for that zone so it should be $1.00 and also it display a (4x41.25grams) on the calculation which also don't tally to the 150 grams exact weight

    Any ideas what is going wrong? I try surfing around but couldn't find any answers

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    Default Re: Zone Shipping Calculation is off

    Check the settings in the Configuration ... Shipping/Packaging ...

    You have the setting for Maximum set to 50, and since you are using grams, change that to 5000 ...
    Linda McGrath
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