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    help question What are my legal responsibilities?

    I am sure this question gets asked again and again, so pardon me, but where do I look, or at what tax code or piece of legislation, to know when I am, or am not, specifically and in clear language, required to charge my customers sales tax? Mired in confusion...

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    Default Re: What are my legal responsibilities?

    You need to check with your State tax office. Here in Ohio that's the Department of Taxation. Most state's will have a link on the Secretary of State's website, as getting a tax license usually follows after name registration for most businesses.

    If you're not sure of what office/website to contact, do a google search for "Sales Tax License Applications in (your state's name)", or "collecting sales tax in (your states name)".

    MOST times it is free. Some states, like Ohio, charge a small fee. $25 in my case. Most allow you to apply online, as well.

    Once you find the right website to apply, you'll also find filing schedules, local or county add-on taxes, etc.

    Good Luck.

    PS. The simple rule of thumb is you charge sales tax for items shipped within your state, and no sales tax for those going out of state....but don't take my word for up on it. Each state varies.




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